Solve Your Hair Issues with Beijing 101 Hair Care

Many people deal with hair issues. Some people may have hair that is too oily, too dry, too thin, or too thick. What you may not realize is that simple hair issues could be a sign of something bigger since hair is often the last part of the body to receive nutrients from your blood. It may be damaged because of the foods you eat or if your body is lacking certain nutrients. That is where Beijing 101 comes in to play. It is a detailed look at your hair issues to see what the underlying cause for your hair dilemmas may be. Would you consider solving your issues with Beijing 101?

What Is Beijing 101?

This is a Chinese treatment for your hair and your scalp. It is 100% natural. It is also more than herbal treatments. It may require you to make simple lifestyle changes that will improve not only your hair’s look and feel, but your overall health. It has been proven to help with increasing your hair growth. This means that men and women no longer have to deal with slow growing or perhaps thinning hair. If you could stop your hair loss, would you do it?

How It Works

Most likely, the issues that you have with your hair is caused by an unhealthy scalp. That is why the professional hair care consultants are there to examine your hair and your scalp to find the problems and encourage healthier hair. They look at whether your hair is too oily. They need to know if you have dandruff, an itchy scalp, an illness, too much stress, or live in an environment that may be impacting your overall health.

How Problems are Solved

In the event that you do have unhealthy hair or a scalp that is needing some help from you; treatment will come in the form of a variety of natural herbs to help. This may include Ginseng which will improve circulation to your scalp, Lingzhi which has proven it can help you to fight hair loss, and Dang Gui which can be useful in helping your hair to absorb more of the nutrients that it needs. There is also a herb that may slow down hair turning grey. It is called, “He Shou Wu” and it has proven effective for centuries.

Beyond the herbal treatments, you may also need to change up how you deal with your hair. For instance, you could be causing damage to your scalp by blow drying your hair the wrong way. They may also talk to you about avoiding certain foods. This includes acidic foods which may cause damage to the hair follicles. You may also need to eat more proteins over sweet foods or take more showers to ensure that your scalp is clean and healthy. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water may also be more recommended for the scalp.

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